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World Wall for Peace

For the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta 2,000 people came together to paint their vision of peace and created this #30 World Wall for Peace. It took us 1-1/2 years to complete and cost $20,000. It is located @ 1117 Euclid Ave. 1 block west of Moreland Ave. in Little Five Points (L5P). It represents the combined endeavor of many individuals, businesses, arts groups, government agencies & private contributors committed to working together to leave this legacy for our great city.
To create these individual tiles, we took our paints and tiles into schools, community centers, neighborhood block parties, art events, offices and even outdoors in Little Five Points to gather the images and messages of people who care and wanted to be part of a greater whole.
Once the tiles were all painted, they were sent to Alabama to be fired. We chose a tile that is resistance to freezing temperatures and we used paints and glazes that cannot be damaged by graffitti. We hired professional tile setters to install the tiles. We had a dedication ceremony and the wall was ready when the Olympic torch went by on its path to Olympic Park.
Closeup of the "Gardens" section of The Peace Wall tiles
Map showing location of the World Wall for Peace in Little Five Points area of Atlanta.