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Partnerships In Peace Headquarters - Atlanta, GA USA

Andrea Kay Smith, Global Coordinator of Partnerships In Peace at Peace Center Peace Pole #404-377-8004
Headquarters viewed from the street with laybrinth gardens in the foreground.
Start of renovation -initial clearing of trash from house which involved volunteer groups from all over the U.S.
The house was badly damaged by neglect and water which caused a big hole in the roof that had to be fixed by volunteers. As you look out onto the front yard, you get a "before" view to compare to the completed labyrinth and curb gardens that followed.
The damage was so bad that the ceiling fell in, creating a hole that had to be repaired. Here a volunteer paints the trim white after spending days getting rid of mold and mildew that made everything black. This front door could not be repaired so we created a work of art on it with our medium, vinyl sign material.
Now we see the current completed view. Since we could not replace the front door, we created a work of art using vinyl materials to bring the outdoor garden trails into the community living room.
Early view of the labyrinth in the front yard at headquarters.
Later view from the street with more mature laybrinth gardens and the painted bench.
This was an old donated recycled swing that we covered in vinyl material, creating a place for people to sit when they visit the Peace Gardens. It's another way for beauty and creativity to be expressed through group endeavor.
This is the side exterior entrance into the Peace Center. Again we had the challenge of making do with what existed, so we added our creative vinyl material in lots of interesting ways to brighten up what otherwise is a dilapidated door. A ploughshare is the focal point at the bottom of the door with many jutting paths in silver leading from it.
One group of volunteers who assisted with the extensive work of creating the headquarters, shown here in the Peace Garden with Peace Pole in the background.