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Community Outreach

Group Photo Through P.I.P we have created a partnership with Glenwood Pedestrian Safety Initiative ( to install sidewalks, bicycle trails, lights, streetscapes, and traffic calming measures on State Highway 260, Glenwood Ave/Rd. near our Peace Center. As a part of our community outreach we visited the Belvedere Civic Assoc. who also have a section of Glenwood Av/Rd. in their neighborhood on 2/21/05 to make a presentation.
This picture shows some of the people who made the meeting possible. Joanna Pritchard (President GPSI), Andrea Kirby (PTA Pres. Knollwood Elem.), Curtis Ferrell (Belvedere), Ann Brown (President Belvedere & GPSI), Bert Skellie (GPSI), Beverly Cox Clark (Secretary Belvedere), Arlene Johnson (Exec. Sec. Belvedere), Walter Lee (VP GPSI), Andrea Kay Smith (Secretary GPSI), Leila Moore (Treasurer GPSI).
Bringing neighbors together is crucial for the success of right human relations and the revitalization of the inner city. Swazey/Summit (S/S) Neighborhood in cooperation with East Lake Commons, our immediate neighbors created Block Parties which we called Country Fairs. We offer free donated food, games, face painting, cake walks and prizes up and down the streets with many volunteers who get to know each other better in a friendly environment; even the drug dealers.
We posted signs like this to announce our intention which added credibility to our efforts and included everyone who saw the signs; so you didn't have to live in our area to come. We wanted to meet everyone who was interested.