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Earth Day at Headquarters

Earth Day begins with a sign in table with the Peace Center in the background. We share Earth related articles and give everyone a button that says "May Peace Prevail on Earth.". We have a notebook that asks people to color their visions of peace in it. We network with other groups doing activities on April 22. See © info at bottom of page.
Here is the welcome table looking in the other direction towards the front community vegetable garden in the background. These are regular participants that return year after year to support our event. The azalea plant on the table was donated and now has grown into a big beautiful shrub that blooms in the Spring. See © info at bottom of page.
In front of the Peace Center where we hang the Earth flag. More friends who consistently come to our annual event. See © info at bottom of page.
Showing sample of t-shirts that we give Garden Club volunteers. They are hand painted with the person's name saying "I CARE". The hand symbolizes how "many hands make light the work." Former CEO of DeKalb County and now Georgia State Senator Liane Levetan stands in the middle. She is a strong supporter of our inner city revitalization efforts. See © info at bottom of page.
Storyteller Audrey Galex entertaining us with positive, funny stories about the Earth. See © info at bottom of page.
Music is an important part of our Earth Day activities. Here is Deanna with Angel Gardens playing her harpsichord for the neighborhood. See © info at bottom of page.
Earth Day concert by jazz pianist/composer/teacher Alan Dynin who has performed every year for our event to loud applause. See © info at bottom of page.
Our Litter Bucket Project is the reason our neighbohood stays clean. One of our Earth Day activities is to decorate these recycled paint buckets with donated vinyl sign material. Here the kids are enjoying creating art. See © info at bottom of page.
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