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Peace Poles

The first thing we did when we moved into our challenged neighborhood was to invite everyone to come over and stand in the center of the triangled three trees that stood in front of the Peace Center to find the vortex of energy where we would plant the new Peace Pole. They could feel the energy and we agreed upon the exact spot. On Earth Day, 1999 we had an official ceremony which this picture shows, complete with a cake and the words "EARTH" on it. Since then, many people have come to have their picture taken here.
Peace Poles saying "May Peace Prevail On Earth" in many languages are all over the world numbering over 200,000. The World Peace Prayer Society was founded in Japan in 1955 by teacher, poet and philospher Masahisa Goi (1916-1980). They currently have their headquarters in New York state. 1-800-PEACELINE. This Peace Pole is in Lucerne at the Vatican.
A Peace Pole at Atlanta Friends Meeting Quaker House, 701 W. Howard Ave in Decatur (404-377-2474)

Long-time peace friend Fred Stevens invited us to the dedication in 2000.
Peace Pole in front of Atlanta headquarters with the Peace Mobile in the background
This Peace Pole "rested" in the backyard Friendship Garden of the Peace Center until we could move it on Earth Day 2000 as a thank you gift to FCS Urban Ministries where it resides today. It has quite a history, which began in 1993 when it was first planted @Lavista Rd. & Briarcliff Rd. by the Druid-Lavista Business Assoc. It has the languages of its neighborhood: Hebrew, English, Spanish & Russian. When the area was demolished, it went on to its next location.
Peace Pole located at FCS Urban Ministries @ GlenCastle founded by Bob Lupton @754 Glenwood Ave. in east Atlanta, Georgia.
Peace Pole donated by our Japanese friends who drove from Calif. to deliver Peace Poles to Atlanta for the Olympics. Located on Moreland Ave. in Little Five Points near Vortex Restaurant. Sponsored by Don Bender and L5P Business Assoc.
Peace Pole from our Calif. Japanese friends @ Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore 5531 Roswell Rd. (inside the Perimeter), sponsored by owner Candace Apple.
First Peace Pole planted in 1990 @ Goodwin House on Peacetree Rd. and later moved twice to locations of the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts 7094 Peachtree Industrial Blvd in Norcross, GA. This photo appeared on the World Peace Prayer Society promotional brochure for years.
Peace Pole planted 2002 by East Lake Commons (a Co-Housing Intentional Community) in front of their Common House on Dancing Fox Rd.
This Peace Pole is made of bamboo, harvested from the terrain of Ojai, California, USA where it is now planted at Full Circle Farm in Upper Ojai. It was dedicated by Shepherd Joy and friends on Earth Day 2002 @Libby Park in downtown Ojai and then moved to its current location.
Peace Pole at home of Zoe Nicholson who was highlighted on PBS documentary "We'll Meet Again" (part of "The Fight For Women's Rights" series hosted by Ann Curry in 2020). Along with her mentor Sonia Johnson, Zoe did a hunger strike in Illinois for 37 days in an effort to get that state to ratify ERA in 1984, which the state eventually did in 2018. Zoe is prolific having written many books like "The Engaged Heart" and performed in an original solo show she wrote called "Tea with Alice & Me" as a call to action detailing what works & how change occurs. Her show reveals the long view of women's culture as politic.
Zoe Nicholson and the Peace Pole at her home.