Purpose: To make available products and resources that support inner and outer peace.


Our Newest Product: the AURA Hat began when Andrea's grandmother Marie Coleman Smith & dozens of Andrea's senior citizens donated their recycled yarn to PIP. In 1997 the hats were utilitarian for the homeless in her neighborhood, and for a Women's Prison project. After making over 100 hats, Andrea started the AURA line. The name came from the aura that exists above and around our bodies in our electromagnetic field which can be seen through kirlian photography. Our aura has many colors and hues which symbolize the wide range of mixed colors of yarn used to make the hats. The AURA hat is a washable one-of-a-kind hand-crocheted hat in any color of the rainbow. Made to order.

These hats have been bringing joy to many people who make a donation to Partnerships In Peace. On many occasions when Andrea wears her Aura hat, people actually think the hat is her hair which is hilarious since some of the hats are purple. It has become a conversation piece as Andrea travels. Call us at #404-377-8004. Classes available in crocheting your own hat.

Aura Hats photo

  • 1. Music; Cassette and CD like Tibetan Refugee Benefit Album "Mantra Mix"
  • 2. Videos like "Ethics For the New Millennium" by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama
  • 3. Educational tools like Louise L. Hay "Wisdom Cards" and many titles of books
  • 4. Peace Game like those in "More New Games" IBSN 0-385-17514-0
  • 5. Aromatherapy- using power of scent to support change like "Lavender" for relaxation
  • 6. Meditation & yoga supplies
  • 7. Musical instruments such as recycled pvc for diggerido & gourd rattles
  • 8. Original crafts created with Nature's castoffs. Recycled soda can tab stretchable bracelets, belts and necklaces. Beading as meditation. Clothes painting.
  • 9. Recycled greeting cards created by kids in our neighborhood
  • 10. Art Buckets for litter created from recycled 5 gallon paint buckets with colorful vinyl by kids
  • 11. Massage tools and supplies.
  • 12. Materials offered in our Peace 101 Series
  • 13. Color therapy supplies
  • 14. Affirmations and mindfulness cards
  • 15. Books


With computers donated to our Peace Center, or purchased from a local computer recycler Zentech, we have been able to reconfigure and install a Linux operating system for individuals which meets basics needs of word processing, email, internet access, music playback, plus many other extras.

For group needs, like in an office, specifically non-profits, we have perfected a system where a main high-powered computer can support many other users who sit at the recycled computers.

We recently did this for the Green Party in our area, to great success. The pricing is based on many factors such as screen size, computer capabilities, printer, keyboard, mouse and software installed. For beginners we offer training classes.

LINUX is a simple, easy to use "point & click" system for navigating around the computer using icons and images that are familiar to anyone. We currently have recycled computers in our Peace Center with a Linux operating system, which means we are a resource for anyone to see onsite what is offered and what are the choices.

Tom Younker, webmaster, or #404-248-0336


This self published book is spiral bound 8-1/2" x 11", 120 pages with colored pictures detailing the progression from beginning to end of the Peace Gardens, the Friendship Gardens and the Curb Gardens created to revitalize and rejuvenate an Atlanta inner city neighborhood formerly called "Little Vietnam" and now called East Lake Gardens The book offers specific details and procedures on how to convert a barren area into an inviting, easy to maintain patch of beauty that is drought resistant and organic.

Thank you.


Imagine a circle of people surrounding you with their words of wisdom that have affected their lives and they want to pass on to you. This is what happened at Andrea Kay Smith's 50th birthday celebration. This book contains an extensive cross section of wisdom from a diverse group of thinkers living and dead. It's inspirational and life affirming. Many of the contributions are original thought and come from the heart of the participants. Robert Schuller's quote "Winning starts with beginning." motivated us to self publish and offer it in dedication to all who seek to serve. Size: 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" book, 84 pages. It is available with a LOVE OFFERING plus postage & handling. Tell us where you live so we can figure out postage. #404-377-8004.

BOOK: CREATE A LIFE HISTORY: How to Share Your Story

In 1991, ANDREA KAY SMITH (AKS) created the first of four books, beginning with "Who is Bob?" for her father's 70th birthday. Then in 1994 she wrote the life history of her mother in a book called "The Joker's Wild". In 2000 she published the life story of 80 year old Marion Crusselle, "A Life of Hope". In 2009 Andrea published the 2nd book for her mother's 85th birthday called "Life In A Nutshell" which includes 300 pages and the midwestern cookbook of June's specialities. These four books formed the research and education AKS needed to write a "How To" book for anyone realizing the value of leaving a legacy for their heirs about the past. In "Create a Life History" AKS details the exact procedure to follow to publish your story (or someone you love) in three different styles.

"Who is Bob?" used the format of a collection of 120 of Bob's closest friends telling stories about him and including pictures. "The Joker's Wild" used the format of a 1st person narrative, sharing humorous true stories about common threads in life with examples of personal experiences. "A Life of Hope" used the format of an imaginary 3rd person reflecting, looking back on life and gleening the wisdom to apply to today from an 80 year old woman. Each style is beneficial in sharing the history of a person. It serves as an example for you to determine what will be best for sharing your life story (or someone you love). Exact instructions are included for layout and printing. 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" with excerpts from all four books. 120 pages. 3 staple bindery. Some picture examples in black & white.