The most asked question that we receive is "What action can one person take to begin working for global/local peace?" The first answer we give is "look within yourself and find inner peace" (See: Discovery of Inner Peace). Next, we invite you to consciously look at your own community/neighborhood/home and discern what is needed. "Can you do a random act of kindness?". "Is there some place you can volunteer?", "Is there something that really touches your heart and you want to make a difference?" After you answer these questions and take action in your own arena, consider participation in Partnerships In Peace (PIP)

We are a loosely knit global network of individuals and groups who believe peace is possible both in the world and in ourselves. That means that the first level of participation is accepting this notion that with peace within yourself you actively contribute to peace in the world just by your existence. So there are many subjective ways available to aid our inner city revitalization efforts such as prayer, meditation, and visualization. Regular daily solitary work aligning with the Greater Good is very beneficial. Or simply say "May Peace Prevail on Earth", or "Peace Be With You", or "May you have the Peace that Passeth all Understanding." It's one of the reasons we wear our peace button that says "May Peace Prevail on Earth" (See Projects: Peace Pole). It's an affirmation and a prayer. When we are out in the world, people respond to it and ask us about it and in turn, when they show interest, we take it off and give it to them; like passing the peace. We THANK YOU you in advance for radiating your positive thoughts to us.

As we suggest ways you can participate in PIP, remember you can reflect this back to your community and consider doing it in your own location.

1. VOLUNTEER for Current Projects:

See "Projects" on the menu bar above to learn details. Here is a brief outline.

  • Community Outreach
  • Computer recycling
  • Earth Day annual event
  • Education
  • Garden Club
  • Healthy Habits Eating
  • Litter Campaign
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Peace Mobile
  • Peace Pole
  • Peace Room
  • Video documentation

2. RECYCLE things you don't use or need:

We ask people to look into their environments and see what they aren't using so they can move to voluntary simplicity and release the "stuff" and "junk" which is a treasure to someone else.

3. PARTICIPATE in study:

We offer many educational experiences:  

  • Community Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Consensus Decision Making
  • Creative Energy Group Study
  • Gardening
  • Goddess: Quiltless Being
  • Healthy Habits Eating
  • Leaderless Group Work
  • Mindfulness
  • Peace 101 Series
  • Release Stress
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Seven Keys to Growth & Change
  • Unconditional Love & Forgiveness
  • Voluntary Simplicity
  • Walking for Health


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    Partnerships In Peace, P.O. Box 18101 Atlanta, GA 30316 USA
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